smackdownEduCampWelly Wall Wisher
sticky-2.jpgYou can add your ideas at anytime, both before and during EduCampWelly! Just post a sticky...

Use the Wallwisher below to let others know what you are interested in.
  • Use it before EduCampWelly to share cool tools and inspirational ideas.
  • Use it in the week before EduCampWelly to suggest discussions you would like to have on the day.
  • Use it during and after the conference to make contact with like-minded persons and grow your PLN [what's a PLN?].

We will use it at the start of the EduCamp during Smackdown session to share as many tools with the audience as possible.
The participants do the sharing.

During the Smackdown... participants will have 2 minutes to introduce themselves and:
  • share an idea and/or resource
  • suggest a topic for discussion during the day
  • highlight a challenge or issues that the community may be able to assist with

Each participant has a maximum of 2 minutes to share 1 idea or topic (there will be a timer on screen)
Participants are invited to share more than once
If you are including a web link please check that it appears in the preview pane when clicked from the Wallwisher
The Wallwisher gives some permanence, an easy way to keep track of some of the huge range of resources and ideas that will be or have been discussed during the day.